7 Ways to Recycle a Tire

These days, finding ways to reduce, reuse and recycle tires is critical to preserving our fragile environment. Tires are incredibly versatile and can be repurposed a surprising number of ways. If you’re up for the task, here are 7 creative ways to recycle your old tires into something new (and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time).

1. Tire Swing

We’ll start with the most popular of tire repurposing projects. Tire swings offer hours of entertainment for kids and adults alike, and only require some sturdy rope and a strong enough tree branch. You can even tie a tire swing to a traditional wooden swing set. So fun! Learn how to make a tire see-saw here.

2. Dog Bed

What’s not to love? They’re incredibly durable, which is great if you’ve got a four-legged family member with a penchant for chewing everything. They’re also cozy – perfect for curling up and snuggling in. Best of all, this is super simple to do. All you need is a little paint and some soft, comfy blankets to stuff it with.

3. Tire Planter

Again, there are plenty of great options you can use to turn your old tires into beautiful planters for your yard. If you want to really get crafty, wrap it with sisal to make it look extra pretty. For a faster transformation, slap on a coat of paint and voila!

4. Sandbox

If you’ve got a big enough tire to work with, turning it into a sandbox for the yard or playground is a great idea. You can even get creative with paint, using children’s handprints or personalize it for your own child.

5. Outdoor Trash Bins

Pile a few tires on top of one another and drop a hefty bag in and you’ve got yourself a sturdy, unique outdoor trash receptacle. Leave the tires as-is, or paint them any color your heart desires. Your guests will be complementing your creativity at your next cookout!

6. See-Saw

Cut an old tire in half and attach it to the bottom of a piece of wood. Then, attach handles and you’ll have a portable seesaw. The kids will love it!

7. Christmas Wreath Tire

When it’s time to start decking the halls, why not put that old tire you’ve got laying around to good use by hanging it, stringing it with lights and slapping a bright, red bow on it? It’s as charming as it is unusual, and you’re sure to be the talk of the neighborhood.

Not feeling the creativity but still want to do your part by recycling tires? Why not look into retread tires instead of new ones. They’re better for the environment, and they’re much more affordable. Click here to learn how retread tires work.