5 Benefits of Retread Tires

Car maintenance is an important, albeit costly and time-consuming practice. Tires should be replaced every 25,000-50,000 miles depending on the specifications of each tire and model of car. When the time comes to replace tires, consider using retread tires. Here are 5 benefits to installing retread tires when the time comes.

1. Retread Tires Are Less Expensive 

Contrary to popular thought, retread tires are significantly less expensive than new tires. Think of buying a used car. If someone purchases a new car, drives it 2,000 miles and then sells it, the car will sell for significantly below the price for the car at 0 miles. Has the car worn? Perhaps some. But the difference in a car after 2,000 miles is hardly significant to the new car.

Same goes for retread tires. Retread tires are made to standard to provide you the value of a new tire for a lower price.

2. Retread Tires Are Safe

Retread tires are made to the same standards and undergo the same testing as new tires. The President of the United States ordered the government to use retread tires on all government vehicles whenever possible. Retread tires are trusted on government, military, medical and commercial vehicles to get drivers and passengers to their destinations safely.

3. Retread Tires Are Environmentally Friendly

Retread tires make the best use of quality resources to conserve rubber and reduce the harvesting of rubber plants. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, retreading a tire takes 7 gallons of oil compared to 22 gallons for making an entirely new tire. And with an estimated 24 million retread tires sold every year, retread tires save on average 360 million gallons of oil per year.

4. Retread Tires Are Available for All Types of Tires

From all-terrain and highway to mudding and semi tires, retread tires are available for all major tire categories. For a full list of retread tires, follow this link to the retread tires we have available.

5. Retread Tires Last as Long as New Tires 

The majority of blown tires and flats are a result of improper inflating and maintenance of tires. Retreads are made to the same standards as new tires, so the differences (if any) between the two are negligible (recall the comparison to a new car vs. a car with 2,000 miles on it). For more information, we have written a full post on this topic!

Retread tires have a number of benefits, including cost savings, safety, environmental friendliness, availability for multiple tire types and durability. Interested in retread tires? Call Tire Recappers today! (615) 832-0887