How Does Retread Work

retread tire

Recapped Tire

Retread tires are growing in popularity thanks to their cost efficiency, environmental friendliness, and quality performance. But how exactly does retread work?

      • Rigorous inspection process. At Tire Recappers of Nashville, we begin the process of recapping by putting casings through our quality inspection process. This ensures that every piece of material placed into the remold process fits our high standards to ensure quality performance.


      • Buffing. After a tire passes inspection, we run it through the buffing process, which eliminates the old tread, revealing what we call the “undertread.” The freshly buffed surface is what allows us to recap the tire with quality material for reliable performance.


      • Recapping. Next, the wrapping process places new tread atop the freshly buffed surface. We computer-balance each tire, ensuring quality tires that will perform under high stress in any environment. We then “cure” the tire, adding a new tread design.


    • Final inspection. The final stage of the recapping process tests the tires to ensure that they’re equipped with better grip, improved reliability, and top-grade tire performance. This is why our customers can rely on our tires time and time again.

Our refined process of recapping tires is designed to ensure a high quality, environmentally product that is available at a competitive price. At Tire Recappers of Nashville, we’re passionate about creating . This is why we’re focused on reliable, top-grade tires at an affordable price!

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