Tire Recapper’s Website Gets A New Look

Tire Recappers New Website

If you are a regular visitor to tirerecappers.com then you may have noticed that our website has gotten a makeover. The fresh design boasts improved navigation, ensuring a user-friendly experience for visitors browsing retread tires or searching for information.

The new site is designed to capture the look and spirit of  the Tire Recapper brand, showcasing our commitment to environmental sustainability and affordable tires. Now you can easily access all inventories, which include:

  • farm tires
  • semi tires
  • light truck tires
  • passenger tires

About Retreaded Tires

In case you aren’t familiar with Tire Recappers, here’s a short rundown of how tire retreading works:

Recapping a tire means that the tire’s casing is used and has had its old tread professionally removed by a buffing machine and replaced with a new tread. The new tread is put on the casing using a process of pressure and heat and is mold-cured. This adds better grip, improved reliability and top-grade tire performance at a reasonable price.

Tires are built in layers. The tread layer is the portion of the tire that comes in contact with the road. These are not used tires, but rather refurbished tires with newly added grip and improved performance in all road conditions.

Built With the User in Mind

Our new website seamlessly explains how retreads work while providing fleet managers, consumers, and visitors the resources necessary to find the tires they need. In addition, the site showcases all terrain tires, featured products, and all discounted products. Free shipping is available for any client that purchases four or more tires on light truck and passenger tires only.

Committed to Providing the Best Possible Quality

Tire Recappers is committed to providing the highest quality retreaded tires to our customers. We do this by using the latest technology and recruiting the most experienced professionals. Take a look through our online tire store or give us a call today at (855) 587-3227 to find a retreaded tire to fit your needs.

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