The Best Mud Terrain Tires

Driving through the mud and sand has become a definite sport and, as with any sport, the right equipment is needed. Be it for play or for work, Tire Recappers has over 20 different options in its mud terrain tire department. You can spend as little as $80 and get the benefits of retread tires while gaining the power to meet mud and sand head-on. Our retread tires for on and off-road will stand up to some pretty rough terrain.

Mud Tire Features

The features that make mud terrain tires charge forward through the mud are the aggressive tread patterns, strong sidewalls, oversized lugs and high void ratios. These ensure that mud doesn’t get clogged in the lugs, allowing it to press onwards. You may sacrifice quietness for a mud terrain tread design, but when the goal is to drive in the mud, tread and grip is the main thing to consider. And keep in mind that some mud tires are quieter than others.

Retreading of Mud Tires

Mud terrain tires can be retread just like other tires while keeping the integrity of the original. Tire Recappers prides itself on a thorough inspection and buffing process. We will happily explain our Backwoods, Extra Retread and more mud terrain tires while matching size and make-up of the tires to the exact nature of your off-road terrain needs. Visit our website to learn more.