Feel Like Getting Dirty? Let’s Go Mud Bogging!

April showers bring May mud. Looking for the best mud racing hot spots in Tennessee? Read on, good country people. For those of you not in the redneck know, mud bogging (also known as mudding, mud running) is just about the best way to spend a Tennessee Saturday night. Hook up your 4×4 with a set of fresh retread mud tires and get dirty. The goal of this fine sport is to pilot your trusty truck through a shin-deep or waist-deep pit of mud farther than anyone else.


Image Source: Facebook, Centertown Mud Bog

To see mudding in action, check out this Travel Channel video filmed last month just outside of Nashville!

To get in on the action, read on. We’ve picked the internet clean looking for the best mud bogging and Mud drags in Tennessee and here’s what we found:

Mud Bogging in Tennessee

Mud Bog 2017

This one-day event is coming right up. So start your engines!

Saturday, May 13 at 9 AM – 6 PM

Drummonds, TN

Learn more on Facebook!

Centertown Mud Bog

240 Bogle Scott Road

Woodbury, TN

(931) 939-5200

Facebook: @centertown.bog

Admission: $10

Kids 10 and under FREE

Racing: $20 to register and race your truck

Saturdays: 3:00 PM – 1:00 AM

Full on-site concessions. Fun for the whole family!

Ivy Bluff Mud Bog

290 Jacksboro Trl

Morrison, Tennessee

Call (615) 464-7539

Facebook: @IvyBluffMudBogTn

Admission: $7

Kids 8 and under FREE

Saturdays: 3:00 PM – close

Crossville Mud Bog

1431 Taylors Chapel Rd

Crossville, Tennessee

Call: (931) 510-2655

Facebook: @grant.crossville.mud.bog

Admission: $10

Kids 7-12: $5

Kids 6 and under: FREE

Racing: $25 to register and race your truck

Saturdays, 5:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Mud Racing in Tennessee

If mud bogging strikes you as more mud than speed, then mud drags may be your cup of tea.

Vanleer MUD Drags (Leatherwood 2)

There’s not a ton of information on this one, so you’ll have to take it on faith (or YouTube). But drag racing 4x4s? Super fun.

5414 Highway 49 W

Vanleer, Tennessee

Call: (615) 763-6198

Facebook: @vanleermuddrag

Saturdays: 11:00 AM-11:00 PM

For more off-roading fun, check out our article, “See the USA in your 4×4.” To find the perfect set of retread mud tires that leave the competition in the mud, contact Tire Recappers today. We’ll hook you up. Or, shop Tire Recappers online.