5 Tire Retread Myths Debunked

Myths about retread tires are often tossed around by well-intentioned truckers simply trying to help out their fellow drivers. But how many of those opinions are based in fact, and how many are just ole’ truckers’ tales?

Read on as we debunk the most common tire retread myths.

Tire Retread DetectiveMyth 1. Retread Tires Pollute the Roads

Some say most of the rubber seen on the roads comes from retread tires, but various federal and state studies prove otherwise. Rubber seen on the road comes from new and retread tires alike.

You may ask, “Okay, so why is there is so much debris on our highways?

The answer is simple – improper tire maintenance. Tires that are not properly maintained are sure to fail given enough time. This is true no matter if the tire is a retread or has never been in a retread factory.

Myth 2. Driving on Retread Tires Is not Safe

Others proclaim that retread tires aren’t safe. But if that were the case, why would just about every major airline use retread tires? Modern retread tires are safe, so safe that even school bus fleets use them. The reality is that retread tires are crafted and tested to perform like new tires.

Tires that cause accidents are bald or under inflated, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation. The main culprits are underinflation, overinflation, mismatching of tires in dual wheel position, faulty tire repairs, misaligned vehicles and tires driven with less than the legal limit of tread remaining.

As long as they are properly maintained, retread tires perform as good as or better than new tires.

Myth 3. They Don’t Perform as Well

How about performance? Retread tires couldn’t perform as well as their just manufactured counterparts – that’s a myth too. The reality is that tire retreads perform just as well and are even used in rugged off-road events and all day endurance races.

Myth 4. Heat Easily Ruins Them

Here’s another myth you may have heard: Heat can easily ruin a retread tire. In truth, excessive heat has an equal potential to ruin any type of tire. The main cause of heat damage is underinflation. So to avoid heat damage, make sure to regularly check your tires and keep them filled to their proper levels.

Myth 5. Retread Tires Look Bad

What about appearance? Many have the idea that retreads don’t have the pristine look of a brand new tire. But in blind tests, truck drivers were not able to tell a difference between retread tires and new tires, proving that they look just as good.

The appearance has a lot to do with which retreader you go with. Tire Recappers manufactures some of the best quality retreads on the market. You can browse through our vast selection of tire retread products here.

The Truth about Retread Tires

The truth is that tire retreads are just as good as new tires. At Tire Recappers, all of our tires go through a rigorous inspection process to ensure the best possible quality. Furthermore, we pre balance each tire to ensure a smoother ride. To learn more, contact Tire Recappers today.

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