3 Reasons Why You Should Recap Your Truck Tires

Truck drivers must repeatedly replace their tires, as extensive driving time wears down the tread. Yet constantly replacing old tires begins to add up. This has led many truck drivers to consider the alternative of retread tires. Here are three reasons why we believe retreading is the smart and responsible tire replacement solution.

1. Retread Tires Save Money

Retread tires give you the same great performance of new tires at a fraction of the cost, saving you hundreds of dollars over the long haul. Additionally, you can often retread a tire multiple times before it needs to be replaced. On average, retread tires end up saving you as much as 40% on tire costs.

2. Retreads are Eco-FriendlyTire being retreaded

When you decide to recap your tires, you are also helping protect the environment by reducing environmental impact. The following statistics from the EPA reveal just how eco-friendly tire retreads can be:

  • Retreads contain 75% post consumer material.
  • It takes 30% less energy to make a retread tire than a new tire.
  • It only take 7 gallons of oil to produce a retread tire compared to 22 gallons for a brand new tire.

3. Retread Tires Are Safe

Modern retread tires are as safe as new tires. They have and continue to be used by school and municipal buses, package delivery services, and commercial and military airlines.

The negative perception toward retread tires mostly comes because of the subpar retreads made after WWII, but modern day retreads are just as safe as brand new tires. Studies conducted by The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration showed that there was no evidence of retread tires contributing to more or less fragments/shreds than brand new tires.

Still not convinced?

Consider this: Insurance companies charge the same premium for retread tires as they do new tires. If trucks with retread tires were involved in more accidents than trucks that drive new tires, insurance premiums would reflect this risk. Insurance companies consider modern retread to be as safe a new tires.

STOP! Don’t Attempt Retreading on Your Own

Never attempt to retread tires on your own. Instead, purchase retreads from a professional tire retread company who has the right equipment to retread tires safely.

Tire Recappers of Nashville has been offering retread tires to truckers since 1960. We have significant expertise in cars, light trucks, and RVs; medium truck and farm; computer wheel balancing; any type of repair and tire truing.

Our retread process includes a rigorous inspections process, buffing, recapping and a final inspection to ensure the best possible quality. View our product catalog today to find the right tire for you.

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