10 Brilliant Ways to Reuse and Recycle Old Tires

The United States uses 60% of its rubber resources to manufacture tires. Today, the amount of tires shipped into the U.S. has reached annual levels exceeding 300 million. Because of their complex chemical composition, tires present unique recycling challenges. While environmental advocates have made significant strides in figuring out how best to deal with the almost 5 million tons of tire waste created every year, they still have a long way to go.

But you can help! You can reduce your waste by, instead of simply throwing them away, finding new uses for tires that are entering retirement. (get it?)

Here’s 10 clever ways to reuse old tires that you can implement in your home…

1. The Classic: Tire Swings

The Classic: Tire Swings









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  1. The Tire Subwoofer












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3. The Tire Stairs












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4. The Tire Christmas Wreath












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5. The Tire Hose-Holder












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6. The Tire Coffee Table










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7. The Tire See-Saw










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8. The Tire Flower Pots













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  1. The Tire Dog Bed

You know, for when you dog gets tired

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10. Get Your Tires Retreaded!












This is where we come in! Bring your old tires to us and we’ll retread them so they’re good as new! Getting your tires retreaded is cost effective, and better for the environment than buying new tires. Get in touch with us today to learn more about retread tires!