Tips for Driving in Snow

Driving technique is just as essential as the preparedness of the car itself for safe driving. Following these tips for winter driving can make a big difference in staying in control of your car. Slow and smooth is the way to go. Going slowly compensates for a lot of what can happen when the slick […]

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The Fourth R: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recap

Carbon Footprint Recapping tires greatly reduces the carbon footprint involved in the business of supplying and buying tires. Tire Recappers understands the importance of the three Rs of environmental responsibility and adds a fourth, Recap, to its commitment to sustainability.    Reduce through tire recapping You help save natural resources by being part of the […]

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The Best Mud Terrain Tires

Driving through the mud and sand has become a definite sport and, as with any sport, the right equipment is needed. Be it for play or for work, Tire Recappers has over 20 different options in its mud terrain tire department. You can spend as little as $80 and get the benefits of retread tires […]

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