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Enhanced Winter Traction

We add crushed acorns into the rubber while it is being wrapped around the casing. We then put the tire in the mold and the acorns are cured into the rubber.

The crushed acorns are an environmentally friendly way to enhance winter driving.The acorns provide better stopping and stearing on snow packed icy roads.

The enhanced winter traction tires are special order. Please contact our support team for estimated lead time before selecting this option. We must receive payment before we produce them.

Tire Recappers Retreads Tires for Passenger Cars and Trucks, RVs and Commercial Vehicles

Tire Recappers of Nashville wants to get you back on the road fast and simple with an affordable set of quality Retread tires. Whatever your needs we recap tires for vehicles of all kinds: Pickups, cars, commercial vehicles, RVs and farm vehicles. We bring together the best tire retreading technology with experienced tire and retread professionals to make sure you are getting the safe and smooth ride you deserve at an affordable price.

We have been recapping tires in Nashville for over 50 years and only offer the best inventory from graded casing manufacturers. Each of our tires goes through a strict inspection process to guarantee customers will get the most life out of their new recapped tire purchase.

Recapped tires offer an affordable, economical and environmentally friendly alternative to buying brand new tires. Drive away with peace of mind, added reliability and savings.

Our Recapped tires offer the best combination of value and performance for:

  • Light Truck Tires…Pickups
  • Commercial trucks & Big Rigs.
  • Tractors, work and farm vehicles
  • Cars and SUV’s
  • Off-road vehicles


What is a recapped tire?

Recapping a tire means that the tire's casing is used and has had its old tread professionally removed by machine buffing and replaced with a new tread. The new tread is put on the casing using a process of pressure and heat and is mold-cured. This adds better grip, improved reliability and top-grade tire performance at a reasonable price.

Tires are built in layers. The tread layer is the portion of the tire that comes in the most contact with the road. These are not used tires, but rather refurbished tires with newly added grip and improved performance in all road conditions.


Better Value is Our Goal

At Tire Recappers of Nashville we want you to get the best value out of a recapped tire. From all-season tires to aggressive, all-terrain tires we want your new Retreads to stand up to the elements and daily driving. As an added bonus our tires ship directly from our re-tread facility in Nashville so you can get rolling right away….we manufacture and stock what we sell.

Call us today and we will equip you with a set of New Retread tires to get you safely there and back again. Questions? Our team of Tire Specialists are ready to address any concerns or inquiries you may have. Just call the toll-free Shop Line at 855-507-3227 today!