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Shipping and Return Policy


We do not accept returns without a previously issued RMA (Return Material Authorization) number.

We will accept returns within 30 days of delivery only.

If there is a problem with your order or there is a need to return the tires you purchased online, please call the TRN Shop Line at 855-507-3227 or email us at returns@tirerecappers.com

Credits will be issued to the credit/debit card used on the order.

We do not accept returns that have been mounted.


Can running the tires with less than recommended air pressure hurt the tires?

NEVER run the tires at less than manufacturer recommended tire pressures. The correct air pressure for your tires can be found on the sidewall of the tire. Running the tires at less than recommended pressure also voids all Warranties.

Do I need to replace the valve stems when getting the tires mounted?

Our Tire Experts always recommend replacing the valve stems when you've bought a new set of tires.

Tire Recappers Retreads Tires for Passenger Cars and Trucks, RVs and Commercial Vehicles

Tire Recappers of Nashville wants to get you back on the road fast and simple with an affordable set of quality Retread tires. Whatever your needs we recap tires for vehicles of all kinds: Pickups, cars, commercial vehicles, RVs and farm vehicles. We bring together the best tire retreading technology with experienced tire and retread professionals to make sure you are getting the safe and smooth ride you deserve at an affordable price.

LT275/65r18 In-Lander A/T

LT275/65r18 In-Lander A/T

This is a great deal! New re-treaded tires. We stock what we sell.

Price: $158.00
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